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Former Kentucky Wildcat Talks to Students about “Stamina”

A former NBA player visits Evansville to share a message about stamina. Former Kentucky Wildcat and Miami Heat player Derek Anderson made a visit to Washington Middle School and shared with students how he overcame adversity.

Anderson is the author of the book “Stamina” which tells of persevering through the trials of life.

“Today’s message was about making sure these kids knew they could make it out of any situation,” said Anderson. “Me being homeless and having a sonnet 14 working two jobs at 15 and 16 becoming a millionaire at 21. These guys have to realize that it can happen. They just have to want it more. The best part about it is making sure they educate themselves. Education is the first part of you being successful in life.”

The Louisville native played in the NBA for 11 years. Anderson has even won an Olympic gold medal and an NBA Championship.

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