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The Works

  • Domination

    With Every Great Birth, There Must Be A Great Death. Genre: Action| Adventure| Fantasy Writer: (WGA): Derek Anderson

  • domination
  • lionsTigersBears
  • Lions, Tigers & Bears

    We Are Not All Created Equal. Genre: Adventure| Fantasy| Action Writer: (WGA): Derek Anderson

  • Men Lie, Women Lie

    Half The Truth Is A Whole LIE Genre: Drama| Comedy Writer: (WGA): Derek Anderson

  • WomenLieMenLie1
  • BruthersofaFeather-Logo
  • Brothers of a Feather

    I Am NOT My Brothers Keeper. Genre: Action| Drama| Comedy Writer: (WGA): Derek Anderson

  • Georgia Nights

    Your life changes when the sun goes down. Genre: Drama| Crime Writer (WGA) Derek Anderson

  • georgiaNights