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Welcome to  Learn more are Derek L. Anderson the Producer - Screenwriter - Philanthropist - Entrepreneur.

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    The Best things come to those that wait but The why wait when it's out there for you to GO GET! #Stamina Wins!

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    @kellyespalding @NBAKENTUCKY Lol. Yeah and it really was him lol

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    @inthemale next week.

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    Flashback: Sitting at Center Court of the Final Four and remembering when I used to sleep on the center of my neighborhood basketball court with no where to go!!! My mind set never changed at either times because I was where God wanted me to be at that very moment. That mind set was to believe that his plan was bigger than mine & thats when I saw a goal and not my struggles! "Dont focus on excuses or your situation, focus on your plan to change your situation! #SouthWickToTheTourney #BadNightsToBBN #ChangesToChampionships #Stamina💪Repost from @crystalmccrary who works hard to get things done with no excuses! 
If some one helps you, that is a Blessing but if not..Stop blaming someone else for you not getting what you want done. You didnt help them study, research, work hard, or Finish the job so stop being a new born baby with your hand out& whining! #GoGetItDONE 💯💪 #MotivateDontHateCongrats to the Winners of Stamina Reading & @readerscreateleaders for teaching Life Skills 1st! #WhatYouLearn is #WhatYouBecome #StaminaFoundation is HERE!
    First they said "He wont Make it"
Then they said "He isnt big enough" And then they said "I knew he could do it" 
People will rarely ever support your dreams until they see them become reality! Become your own FAN!Excited to be doing my Stamina Animation franchise!! Books, Cartoon Series, & Movies will be about how to make better decisions when faced against the enemies of the Emoji World. #StaminaAnimation 🎥Building my new Foundation and its not to raise money but to help build our future leaders TODAY! Who & what we teach now will ultimately lead us one day from what we have taught them! #ThinkAboutOurFuture #TheStaminaFoundation
    To all the Basketball players in the world trying to make a team, get a college scholarship, or play professionally. Your colorful cool shoes and added padding gear isnt going to help your game one ounce!! Your success is going to come thru the PAIN of WORKING HARD, STANDING STRONG when life issues hit you, & realizing that you didnt make it this far to QUIT!  You will be the reason that YOU reach your dreams...PERIOD! #Stamina💪 I did more than just dream... I WORKED!! Go be GREAT!Fear is when you allow others to dictate or influence how you think & perform. No matter what the odds where, I went HARD to get the job done! #StaminaTraining is Here!!! StaminaWins@gmail.comThanks for tix & the luv @kevinhart4real & again GREAT SHOW!! Happy Soul day @da_truth15
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