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    The Best things come to those that wait but The why wait when it's out there for you to GO GET! #Stamina Wins!

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    When a man matures the 1st thing people notice is his appearance. He doesnt sag his pants to look hip. He gets a haircut & doesnt try to look dirty to fit in with immature people claiming they keeping it ghetto. He doesnt have to wear suits but he dresses clean and looks like a prospect instead of Suspect. Then people notice his lifestyle. People will notice his decision making change. Instead of spending money at a club, gambling, or some Jordans he will spend it on his woman, child, or his future life. 
The last thing you will notice is his words. He will show his ignorance or his Intelligence in how he speaks. If a man pillow talks then you know he cant be trusted with your business like he is telling others business to you. If he talks about money more then his love for life then you know where his mind is at. And if a man thinks words will define him more then his actions then he is just a boy in a mans body. #TruthJuice Enjoy the drink of the day! πŸ‘πŸ‘‹Just did a radio interview & they ask me why dont I hang with a bunch of other celebrities. My response has never changed since I gained my first piece of Fame. 
I dont hang with STUPID or ARROGANT people just because they have money!! And what I mean by stupid is this. If you think degrading ppl who arent financial equal is cool then you are Stupid! If you have to force women to drink or smoke to make her like you then you are Stupid! If you spend more money on your friends then you do for your wife, girlfriend, or children then you are Stupid. If you think being famous gives you the right to say whatever you want then you are stupid. And if you think acting & talking ignorant is cool so you can SEEM tough then you are Stupid! 
I know if the fans and good people wouldnt have supported me in Sports & business then my fame would have been nothing. So I treat everyone with respect unless they show me otherwise. BUT if you all keep supporting stupid ppl dont be upset when they treat you like youre stupid. #TruthJuice Dont drink it all at once! LOLThanks #BBN for the Bday wishes. #ChampionMemories #Untouchables
    Giving Free Back packs & Stamina Books away this Saturday August 2nd at Jeff Wyler Dealership - 5324 Dixie Hway Louisville KY. If your child needs something to carry his or her Stamina around then I look forward to seeing you all then. πŸ‘πŸ†When I think of a Monday, I think of ALL the possibilities the rest of the week has for me. And when I think of my chances of success , I remember what Ive learned from all those that failed and then found enough STAMINA to fight through the pain & loses to become successful. 
I dont complain about losing because Im too busy trying to WIN! I dont follow anyone but I do Learn from Everyone! Create your OWN Playbook from those that wrote great chapters. #EmbraceTheKnowledge #CreateANewYou #StaminaWinsTHANK YOU all for the bday wishes & gift offers. But My only wish for a gift is for you all to share STAMINA with others. Heck get them a copy of my book if you have too lol. 
But I want everyone to do something nice for someone else or go Forgive someone that you love or not. Stamina is Faith, Forgiveness, & Fun! These dont cost a penny! THANK YOU ALL & I LOVE YOU ALL! #40YearsAMiracle #Blessed to have you ALL as my Friends
    Ive tried to help people out with some of the things that Ive learned personally & from others. But the one think I cant do is LIVE for someone else. A person who always complains about things in the past cant grow. A person who keeps lying to themselves about wanting more but doesnt do anything to get more wont grow. A person who makes every excuse to why he or she isnt getting help will Never grow. If you KEEP having the same issues then the issues arent the problem... YOU ARE! #TruthJuiceThank God for TRUE friends and Family members that gave me a GREAT SURPRISE for my Bday!! Too many people wait to show love to one another and then start to cry when they see them at a funeral. These people I have are AMAZING and I am truly Blessed to have them in my Life 4EVER!! #40YearsAMiracle #GreatfulToGodTHANKFUL TO SEE MY BDAY AGAIN: At the age of 13 I missed the last city bus after leaving my middle school practice. I was so hungry that I stopped at a restaurant that I remembered served free bread & free water before you ordered your meal. So I went in and told the waiter Im waiting on my parents (which I hadnt seen in over 2 years). He gave me some bread and water and I ate super fast! He came back and I politely told him this was the wrong restaurant and he laughed at me once he saw I destroyed the bread lol. 
Then I realized it was too dark to walk on the side of the road all the way back to Southwick. I saw an old abandoned school bus in the back of a building and forced my way in. I went to the back in case I had to make a quick get away. I woke up just in time to catch the next city bus BACK to school. 
I had the same clothes on and even had to wash up in the school bathroom. But I made it thru one of the scariest times of my life!! And those moments didnt make me sad or mad. They made me a BELIEVER IN MIRACLES!! Ive been believing & receiving them my entire life & Im truly THANKFUL! #40YearsAMiracle #Believe&Win
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