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Welcome to Β Learn more are Derek L. Anderson theΒ Producer - Screenwriter - Philanthropist - Entrepreneur.

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    The Best things come to those that wait but The why wait when it's out there for you to GO GET! #Stamina Wins!

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    @kellyespalding @NBAKENTUCKY Lol. Yeah and it really was him lol

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    @inthemale next week.

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    So proud of my son for WANTING TO GIVE HIS LIFE TO GOD! He saw how his family loves The Lord & that was enough to make a 5 year old Love The Lord too!! People so quick to play music to a child or introduce them to sports but lets remember what REALLY MATTERS MOST. "I will Never let my Child know a Rap verse before they know a Bible verse!" Thats my way & its the ONLY WAY for me & my family! #Happy Resurrection DayMan the Colonel is so cool but he wont get over the fact that I had to buy bread & bologna instead a 2-piece meal in 1984! LOL!! Im trying to explain my situation to him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Hey bro @globalhooper Are you free any of those dates? Would luv to have you attend my camp. Hope all is well.
    I wasnt raised in a church but once I gave my life to God I knew I had a mission to lead by example. Having my 6 year old son Kered get Baptized today on Resurrection Day is my gift to God for his Glorious Sacrifice of his own son Jeses for ME!! #Lead&OurSons will FOLLOW! πŸ™Good talking with @russdiculous_2 and I wish you the best in All you do bro. #SolidYoungMan #ChampionsThe event "A Night Of Hope" with Joel Olsteen was Great! Life is like a Magnet...The things that you THINK about are the things that you GET! 
#Happiness&Peace #OsteenMinistries2014
    You can look at life 2 ways. Either you live it alone and think the road youre own is miserable OR 
You can see it as a peaceful walk with You & God headed to a Beautiful destination of Eternity. 
Chose your Road Wisely!
Happy Resurrection Day my Friends! πŸ™πŸ‘If someone saved a life they would get a few comments. BUT if they took a life they would have 1 million comments within a hour. The fence they have your mind is not to keep you IN but to keep you from coming OUT! 
TRY THIS: Dont say anything bad about ANYONE and see how long you last. This will tell you if you are still inside that fence or are you outside it! 
#MentalMondayGreat seeing Joel Osteen & his ministries. LESSON: Talking bad about others and being angry at people who did wrong to you is like YOU DRINKING poison and waiting on your enemies to Die. Forgive, Forget, & Love YOUR LIFE! 
#StaminaLove πŸ™πŸ’™βœŒοΈ
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