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    The Best things come to those that wait but The why wait when it's out there for you to GO GET! #Stamina Wins!

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    @kellyespalding @NBAKENTUCKY Lol. Yeah and it really was him lol

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    @inthemale next week.

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    Just received some Amazing news about Stamina the Movie! What was funny is a person said something negative about these types of movies and that made the other person go see what it was. If you do whats right then dont worry about what others think because "You cant hurt what God LOVES!"
#FavorOverFakes #HealingOverHating #StaminaIsSuccessRemember when smiling was just a normal thing to do. Now everyone wants to look mad all the time and then call everyone else haters. You normally attract what you give off. #Smiling@TheHillsOfCaliAfter being abandoned by my parents in an empty apartment at age 11 I realized I had to make a choice. I could let sleeping on a mattress with no heat or electricity piss me off. I could let wearing the same clothes to school that I just slept in overnight on a park bench embarrass me. I could even make an excuse to why I had to work two jobs as a single parent as a teenage father. BUT I chose to dig deep inside my Mind & Heart & I saw something bigger then all those problems. A better Future for ME! Dont let someone close your door when you can build your own DOORS!! #Stamina 💪
    But he loves to ride now. Lol🏇Ive never been married but when I do my woman will be just as strong as I am so we both can lean on each other for strength. So many men put themselves in front of a woman and she gives up her career and her beliefs for him but he doesnt do the same. It hurts me to see beautiful & intelligent women following a man who makes her smoke & drink instead of empowering her mind! Some of the finest women look a mess now with black gums and dirty skin from smoking. Then some women justify drinking & say they dont have a problem stopping but WONT STOP! Im going to give my woman EVERYTHING she needs to be success, from supporting mentally, in person, & financially. No man should stop his woman from being the best because she will make us GREAT when she is at her BEST! #ReRead a few times and realize its not too late to change! #BossBillionairesInTheMindNot one person has ever had success the first time they searched for it. It is a process in which 100% of the time is determined on how you handle your attitude while you keep working. Build your future on more than a quick fix. #YouAreBuiltToWIN 💪
    Took Joshua horseback riding and he was not ready for the bugs! Lol.My latest interview about STAMINA the book & movie. They ask what is the difference in me as a teenage father & an adult father. One simple answer, "I stop trying to be THE MAN, & I became A MAN! 
Ex: I drove 6 hours, then picked my son up & took him to soccer practice & I coached him. I then got him food, bathed, & read a book to him before saying our prayers for the evening. Then I only got 3 hours of sleep from working but got up at 6:45, cooked his breakfast & dropped him off to school. 
This is not for attention but Awareness. I see men wait on shoes & iPhones but let their child go days without giving them love & memories! Everything that we do matters & EVERYTHING that WE DONT DO MATTERS to our children. To ALL my brothers, let your children see you as you would want to see your child. #BoysToMen #SaveOurSons #StaminaDads 👍💪✌️PSA to all the Athletes in the world. The decisions youre making arent based on whether you can keep your job or a pay check. Its based upon what God will approve of. I dont need to get in trouble to see what Gods love can do. So WAKE UP and see that the world is allowing you to act foolish just long enough for you to ruin your personal relationship with God. 
No one can judge others but dont blame anyone when your fortune & fame dont get you the best gift ever. #GodsCrown #GetYourMind&Spirit CONNECTED!!
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