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    The Best things come to those that wait but The why wait when it's out there for you to GO GET! #Stamina Wins!

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    @kellyespalding @NBAKENTUCKY Lol. Yeah and it really was him lol

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    @inthemale next week.

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Men STOP asking whats wrong with women when they are reacting to what you Give her! 
We know they are emotional by nature and the best way to help her grow is with knowledge NOT a title or material things. 
Talk 1: Dont LIE to impress her but tell the truth and watch her do the same. Talk 2: Dont hide things and she wont hide her true feelings. Talk 3: If you dont want to commit, tell her and that will save you from SOME Drama later. Ive Learned that once you tell a REAL woman the truth she will respect U 100% of the time whether she wants to be with you or not. 
They grow from what we give them and if you give her pain she will learn to give that pain back 10 times harder. 
Feed her mind with Respect, Love, & Faith & watch that woman be the best thing thats ever happened to you. #DNA #LetsTalk #UnInvitedFearsHad fun working the phones for #GiveADay volunteer Telethon. We are a product of what we give out! Great job @sherlenemediapro & #CityOfLouisvilleMe & my cuzin grew up in the projects with little to NO money but what we had was Respect for each other, our elders, neighbors, & our education. We knew that to live a better life we needed to Self Educate ourselves on how to THINK first. #SouthWickSoldiers #DossDragons #Family
    From Flint to Louisville project housing to playing in the great city of Portland Oregon! Never stop believing in YOUR VISION of Success! #TBT: Me & Rasheed Wallace playoff poster 12 years later. #RipCity #BlazersMania #RoseGardenThis 12 year old kid asked me "What made you think you could make it out of your situation?" My answer was "If someone can think it, then why cant it happen!" This means if someone can think to build a HUGE mansion then why couldnt I think I could live in it!!!! STOP blocking your dreams with a fear of success and just stay focused on doing what it takes to earn your success. It may happen when youre young or old but so long as it happens!! #UnInvitedFears #ThinkIt #GoGetIt #ItsYoursWhile some people are letting their kids listen to Music or play sports all day, Im making sure my son can THINK 1st! Hes 5 years old & he already knows his future is from his Education! #Teach&TheyWillLearn Great job Joshua 🎓
    My camp kids love to win but they love the competition even more! Cant wait to work with the best kids in Kentucky at #ComeToBeAChampion #StaminaStrong #BuildALegacyTo enjoy Life you must first KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Once you Embrace YOURSELF, LIFE will Embrace YOU! "The Best Thing I Ever did was to BELIEVE in ME!!" #FaithToFavor  #CourageToChampionships #StaminaToSuccess #UnInvitedFears coming Soon#UnInvitedFears
Funny how people always get into arguments about whos Right OR Wrong but as soon as its over neither one of them GAINED anything of Value. Me & my Lady ALWAYS ask this question, "Is this Important to you?" 99% of the time its all about an emotion trying to prove one person is right. We Never argue because we enjoy  the VALUE in our relationship & not some temporary emotion that usually turns into drama. #LetsTalk #UnInvitedFears coming soon. #DNA
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